Honor Your Father and Mother


“Now there stood by the cross of Jesus His mother, and His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing by, He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!” Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!” And from that hour that disciple took her to his home.” (John 19: 25 – 27)


Being Mary’s eldest Son, Jesus was obligated to care for His aging mother; who, during His earthly ministry, was likely a widow. Just moments before dying upon the cross, Jesus bequeathed His mother to the Apostle John; thus fulfilling the fifth commandment which states, “Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.” Honoring a parent entails elevating them to a highly esteemed position. Their words must be heeded and their righteous concerns obeyed. They must also be cared for and treated with great reverence and respect. Failure to do so constitutes a terrible sin.

As the story goes, an old grandfather once lived with his son’s family. His eyes were feeble, his hearing was dull, and his hands trembled. During dinner, his spoon would shake, spilling a portion of the meal across the table. Also, some of the food would dribble out from the side of his mouth. The man’s son and his wife became disgusted with this behavior. As a result, they made him sit in a corner behind the stove. He was also given an earthenware vessel to eat from. However, eventually he dropped the bowl and it shattered. The angry wife could no longer contain her emotions. “If you are a pig, then you must eat like a pig,” she screamed. They abruptly constructed a wooden trough from which he could eat. Some days later, they noticed their four year old son gathering tiny bits of wood together on the floor. “What are you doing there?” inquired his father. “I am making a little trough,” answered the boy; “for you and mother to eat from when I get big.” The child’s words caused the couple to cry. They immediately brought the grandfather back to the table; making no further mention of the messes created during their meals.

Like the couple in this fable, we are also called to honor our father and mother. To treat them with reverence and respect; no matter the circumstance. We have an obligation to ensure they are cared for and that all of their needs have been met. In so doing we will fulfill the fifth commandment, and thus enjoy the peace that accompanies every act of faithful obedience. May we be a blessing to our parents, that our Heavenly Father might pour out His blessings upon us.

“Lord Heavenly Father, You are an awesome and amazing God. As we yearn to obey Your commandments, fill our hearts with compassion and sympathy; that we might better honor and respect our parents. May we heed their words, listen to their instructions, and care for them when they are in need. We love You Father, we praise You, and we thank You, and we ask and pray all of these things, according to Your will, in Jesus Christ’s name, amen.” God bless all of you!

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