Receiving Jesus Christ is easy; find yourself a quiet room, and sit down, kneel down, or lay down.  This is a decision that will affect the rest of your life.  You are committing yourself to Jesus Christ, to become one of his disciples.  You are making the decision to follow him wherever he leads.  Jesus has instructed us that when he knocks at our heart, we only have to open up and let him in.  Take a few moments to consider what this means […]  If you are currently living in sin, you must be willing to step out of that.  If you still want what Jesus has to offer and are willing to submit your life to him and be born again, to give up the old life and grasp on to the new one, then repeat this prayer, and follow the directions in the follow-up section!  Repeat after me,

“Dear Jesus, I thank you that you died for me, I thank you that you suffered for me, and I want you to come in to my life, and in to my heart.  Please forgive me of all of the things that I have done that were not pleasing to you.  I’m turning away from those things now and I offer my entire life to you.  I ask you now to be the Lord of my life, to guide me and direct me, and to give me your Holy Spirit.  Be my king, and grant me eternal life.  I love you Lord and I thank you, and I ask all of these things in Jesus Christ’s name.  Amen”

Follow UP is Essential!

  • Find a fellowship:  (Recommendations: non-denominational, evangelical churches are very powerful churches to attend because they often emphasize the necessity to live a complete life in Christ.  For instance I grew up in church where I was lead to believe that because I was baptized as an infant and attended the church on Sundays, that this meant I was a Christian and that I was saved.  I found out after reading the bible that a Christian is someone who follows and applies Christ’s teachings in their daily living.  Evangelical churches seem to teach this rather well.)
  • What makes a good church?  A good church is one that teaches the bible in its entirety.  Any place where the believers are loving and carry bibles in with them to the service is most likely a good church.  (If quite a lot of scripture is quoted in the messages, sometimes, not always, this can be an indicator of a good church.  But always, you need to examine also what you will bring to the church.  Church is a place where you get involved and serve other Christians.  So ask immediately upon attending, “Are there any opportunities to serve.”  If they give you a list, then this is a good church.)
  • Find a bible: (The best bible to start with is the NIV; begin in the New Testament and read daily.  Start in Mathew, and continue through Revelation.  Read consecutively…Don’t just read one scripture today, and open to a whole new part the next day.  See how God’s church had its beginning and how the story unraveled, from the beginning through the book of Revelation) If you decide to not read the bible daily you will struggle, and sadly most people who refuse to read it eventually return to their previous lifestyle.  Reading the newer translations is best for anyone who is a new believer.  Essentially every translation is the same in meaning, but modern language translations are easier to follow and understand.
  • Begin to Pray Daily: (You do not need to be on your knees to pray, although there is a time for that.  You have received the Holy Spirit, which means you can now talk to God as though he were right beside you.  Two crucial prayer times are in the morning when you begin your day, and at night when your day comes to an end.)
  • Continue to read the directions of the Lord daily:  If you desire to receive the Jesus Speaks weekly emails we would be happy to include you.  As Christians, it is essential that we are constantly reminded of the words of our Lord, our Teacher, and our God.
  • Contact us:  Lastly, we want to let you know that we are always here for you.  You are now one of our siblings.  We share an eternal bond that can never be broken.  Contact us, or feel free to send us prayer requests.  God bless you and may the Lord be with you.

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